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Infrastructure as Code in Minutes, Not Months

Scan your existing infrastructure configuration and automatically generate modularized Terraform IaC for it in minutes.

Philosophy: Simplicity, Best Practices and Security


Automate your infrastructure management with ease.

Automated Terraform Generation

Automatically turns your cloud setup into Terraform code, making it easier and quicker, with fewer mistakes.

Local Credential Management

Keeps your login details safe on your own system. Your credentials stay local and are not shared with us, ensuring your security.

Drift Detection

Automatically checks and updates your code to match your actual cloud setup, keeping everything accurate without extra work.

CI/CD for Your Infrastructure

Includes a built-in system to manage and update your Terraform code, making it easier to control versions and deploy changes.

Customizable CLI Experience

Gives you many ways to customize the command line tool, so you can manage your infrastructure just the way you like.

Modularized IaC

Your IaC is created based on modules with solid practices.

Organized Infrastructure Stacks

Lets you group your cloud services and resources easily, using service types and tags, for simpler updates and management.

Get your Terraform code in no time with Finisterra

Step 1: Run the install script

Run our install script to get set up with Finisterra.

Step 2: Setup your credentials

Setup the provider credentials for the infrastructure you want to scan in your terminal.

Step 3: Run Finisterra

Run the CLI command, follow the prompt to register, and retrieve your API Token.


Finisterra scans your infrastructure and generates the Terraform code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Finisterra?

Finisterra is an automation tool that converts your existing cloud infrastructure into Terraform code, simplifying the transition to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and managing your cloud resources more efficiently.

How does Finisterra work?

Finisterra scans your cloud setup, generates Terraform code to reflect its current state, and offers features for drift detection and automatic code updates to fix any discrepancies.

Do you use AI?

No, Finisterra is built on deterministic algorithms and does not use AI. Our approach ensures predictable, reliable outcomes for generating and managing Terraform code.

What benefits does Finisterra offer?

Significant time savings over manual Terraform code creation, automatic drift detection and correction, and seamless management of your Terraform configurations, streamlining your IaC practices.

What makes Finisterra different from other IaC tools?

Its ability to automatically generate Terraform code from existing infrastructure and detect and correct configuration drifts, making Finisterra a unique tool for efficient infrastructure management.

How does Finisterra integrate with existing workflows?

Finisterra seamlessly fits into your development process, enhancing your infrastructure management with automated Terraform code generation and drift correction without disrupting your current workflows.

Are my infrastructure and data secure with Finisterra?

Yes, security is a priority for us. Finisterra ensures your credentials remain local to your system, providing a secure environment for managing your cloud infrastructure.

Can Finisterra help reduce errors in my infrastructure code?

Absolutely. By automating the Terraform code generation process and correcting drifts, Finisterra greatly reduces the likelihood of human error in infrastructure management.

How can Finisterra improve my team's productivity?

By automating routine tasks like Terraform code generation, drift correction, and managing Terraform state, Finisterra frees up your team to focus on strategic initiatives, significantly boosting overall productivity.

How easy is it to get started with Finisterra?

Getting started with Finisterra is very straightforward. Just run our install script, set up your cloud provider credentials locally, and you're ready to generate Terraform code and manage infrastructure drifts in no time.

What kind of support and documentation does Finisterra provide?

Finisterra offers comprehensive documentation to help you navigate its features and capabilities. Our support team is also available to assist with any questions or challenges you may encounter.

Which cloud providers does Finisterra support?

Currently, Finisterra supports modules for AWS and Cloudflare, focusing on a range of services and infrastructure setups. We are actively expanding our support to include more cloud providers.

What is the cost of using Finisterra?

Finisterra's pricing is based per account per region, designed to fit a range of usage scenarios from individual developers to large enterprises. We also offer an always free account that includes all features, allowing you to explore the full capabilities of Finisterra at no cost. For more detailed information, please visit our pricing page.

How often does Finisterra release updates and new features?

We regularly update Finisterra to introduce new features, improve existing functionalities, and ensure compatibility with the latest cloud services and Terraform versions.

Can Finisterra handle large and complex cloud infrastructures?

Yes, Finisterra is built to manage large and complex cloud infrastructures efficiently, providing scalable solutions to meet your organization's needs.

Data Privacy and Security

With Finisterra, your infrastructure and credentials remain entirely under your control, ensuring everything stays secure.

Transform Your Infrastructure Management

Streamline your cloud infrastructure. Leverage IaC innovation, efficiency, and security from the ground up.