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Managing Cloud

Managing Cloud Changes: Real-time continuous IaC

Managing cloud assets can be a tough job, a fact known by tech leaders all over the world. Even with new tools and methods like GitOps, this problem remains. Think about this: your tech team has to follow strict rules that stop any changes to your Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), unless they

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Why Terraform

Why Choose Terraform Over CloudFormation

Why Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has become the standard for managing IT infrastructure. Among the popular IaC tools are AWS CloudFormation and Terraform, each boasting unique features. However, Terraform consistently comes out on top for several reasons. Speed Matters: Terraform vs CloudFormation One of the critical differentiators is speed.

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The Benefits of Automated Infrastructure Management for Startups

The Benefits of Automated Infrastructure Management for Startups Startups today are operating in a rapidly changing technological landscape. With the rise of cloud computing, startups can now access powerful technology infrastructure and services to help them quickly launch and grow their businesses. However, with the growth of cloud computing, startups

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