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Quick Start

Finisterra has a command-line interface (CLI) to provide users with a more streamlined and customizable experience when managing and deploying their infrastructure configurations.

Finisterra CLI


  • Python
  • Terraform
  • Terragrunt
  • AWS credentials


  1. Visit the official Python website:


  1. Go to the Terraform website:


  1. Navigate to the Terragrunt releases page:

Finisterra Installation

Terminal window
pip install finisterra

To generate Terraform code for RDS, EKS, S3, ACM, and VPC in your AWS account, ensure your AWS credentials are set up in your environment before starting. The generated code will be saved in the code directory.

Terminal window
finisterra --provider aws --module "rds,eks,s3,acm,vpc" --output code

You will be prompted for your Finisterra API Key. Obtain your key at

The Terraform code will be located in the code directory.

To generate code for all AWS services:

Terminal window
finisterra --provider aws --module all --output code